Low temperature wafer-to-wafer bonding

Low temperature direct wafer-to-wafer bonding process

G-ray with equipment from EV Group can bond (glue together) two silicon wafers with just a very thin amorphous interfacial region.

Direct wafer-to-wafer bonding of sensor wafer and readout wafer is a low temperature direct bonding technology without the need of any special high-temperature metallization layers.

Bump bonding for hybrid pixels remains a dominant cost for detectors. Our Direct Bonding process offers a very significant manufacturing costs reduction and new application opportunities.

Enabling features

  • New sensor materials: higher sensitivity, large area detection
  • Direct conversion: high-speed readout, single photon counting, energy discrimination
  • Two-layer monolithic concept (no bump bonding; no middle TSVs): lower noise, higher bandwith and higher gain due to lower capacitive load;
  • Backside-illumination: 100 percent fill factor; smaller die/pixel size, better resolution, faster speed, better signal-to-noise ratio